Móinteach No 2

Following Móinteach’s spectacular reception, I invite you to join me on the next stage of our peated whiskey journey with Móinteach No2

I bring you a beautiful peaty whiskey, overflowing with bright tones of warm peat and fresh green summer fruits.

Exceptionally well-balanced with delightful notes of cereal and wood, this is a very accessible triple distilled Irish style móinteach (peaty) single malt whiskey.

Same same, but different.


light prickle of spice heat, lovely gentle bonfire ember smoke, wet green hedgerow and grapefruit rind, verbena, fresh ginger, browned warm apple and green gooseberries. . fabulous!


first impression is the rich mouth feel, super balance and lovely delicacy, crisp green apple, gentle green notes of strawberry, warm malt biscuit, light peat and hints of ginger, an almost earthy, peaty note and rich spice oil.


long finish with bright lemon notes and green fruity spice accents.

What they’re saying:

“Lots of ocean scents on the nose. Pleasant sea spray, gentle brine and tar greet the nose, along with a hint of seaweed. A soft smoke on the initial taste combines with rich bergamot tea then notes of vanilla pod and espresso emerge. Spiced finish with some tobacco leaf lingering. A truly well crafted masterpiece!”

“You gotta hand it to An Fear Grinn – they do release some delicious whiskey. It helps – of course – that they’re all presented non chill filtered & natural colour at usually 46% – or above.”