Against the Grain

Sold out!

A new Numbered Limited Edition has arrived. A new Peat on the block…. 303 bottles only. A tremendous peated single malt with a twist of stout! Something unique and special.

For you….of course!

Aroma: Sweet smoky nose, with notes of gooseberry, bright citrus and rich creamy malt and wood vanilla.
Palate: Zesty with spicy pepper and gentle peat. Warm, rich caramel and roasted nut flavours. Nicely balanced with rich stout chocolate, coffee and licorice flavours.
Finish: Lingering warmth with dark toffee and wisps of sweet smoke fading gently.

What they’re saying..

“Loving this one. More than just smoke: there are some lovely notes of fresh pears, apples, vanilla cream. Then a very pleasant spicy touch of cinnamon and ginger. The smoke lingers all the way with a powerful finish.”

“Another stunner of a whiskey!”

“This is a lovely dram- Beautiful balance between the cereal malt, warming heat from the peat and an aniseed and cinnamon spiced finish. Only 303 bottles! The hunt is on.”

“I was actually blown away by this little dram! A beautiful light golden colour, I got an array of smells from it including malt, honey, caramel, treacle with hints of smoke and sea spray. On the palate I initially got mead and smoke but as it opened up I got cream and zest as well, like a lemon cheesecake! The finish was fascinating, it seemed short but then returned and left me with the flavour of sweetened scottish oatcakes on the tongue. Such a brilliant dram, that I’ll be getting a full bottle.”

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