The story……so far

Dundalk’s own whiskey brand!

Leaving Ireland in the early ’80, and following the very Irish tradition, I joined the diaspora.

I’d no inkling of the twists and turns that life invariably throws at us. My final wanderings were in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand. And that’s where the spark of an idea was born. 33 years was enough – time to return.

Could An Fear Grinn be a real brand, a product, a realisation? Was it possible to create my very own brand and see it on shelves? Having an outlier nature, the whiskey should reflect that, quirky, curious, different and most importantly, damn fine whiskey.

Located in Ireland’s north-east borderlands, Co. Louth is an area of rich whiskey producing traditions.

Time was right.

The place was right.

As Ireland’s smallest independent I’ll endeavor to bring you great whiskeys that are sometimes limited, always unique, different and for drinking!


George Conneally